A study in 2014 found that email marketing was responsible for more than a quarter of all ecommerce sales on Black Friday across all industries. That makes email marketing the most effective marketing channel used.

That statistic was taken a couple of years ago, and email marketing has not showed any signs of slowing since. 90 percent of all consumers access email once per day, and most people use it far more than that.

Take all this along with the fact that email marketing provides the highest return on investment of all marketing channels, and you begin to wonder why more ecommerce businesses don’t bother with it.

If you’re not already investing at least some of your time into email marketing, here’s why you should.

Email drives sales

If you are not actively building your email list, your sales will suffer. By not emailing your target market, you rely on them randomly visiting your website to check for new products. And for many businesses, the chances of your audience visiting your site on their own accord are minimal, and those who do don’t return frequently enough.

Emailing your audience allows you to put whatever message you want in front of your audience, whenever you want.

Email helps reduce cart abandonment

Cart Abandonment

You’ll be perfectly familiar with cart abandonment if you run an online shop.

‘Cart abandonment’ refers to when a browsing shopper places items in their cart, and then leaves the site without completing the purchase.

Lots of sales have been lost to cart abandonment in the past, but advanced email marketing has made it possible for us to do something about it.

Abandoned Cart

If you have your customers’ emails, you can chase up on missed opportunities when carts get abandoned. A quick message reminding them that their items are still in the cart might just be enough to create a conversion.

By taking customers’ email addresses when they sign up for an account, you can both build your email list and reduce cart abandonment at the same time.

Emails helps provide insightful research

When done properly, email marketing allows you to learn important information about your customers, allowing you to target them more effectively in the future.

Now, you can not only find out what your customers want to order from you, but also more specific details such as color and size.

In the past, obtaining this information would be a costly process, likely consisting of surveys and focus groups. Now, you can get your customers’ opinions by email.

If you want to learn more about your customers’ tastes, try sending an email asking them to ‘vote’ on the item and size they prefer, allowing you to provide them with relevant notifications later.

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