Ideally, you should aspire to build your own email marketing list, and this is a tactic that will appeal to small business owners who want to save on costs by personally taking on this responsibility. However, there is an alternative mailing list strategy that is appealing for owners who have a budget yet are short on time. The following guide will help you rent from an effective mailing list service.


Support New Product Launches

Mailing listFor a business that sells products directly to the consumer, there is pressure to start generating revenue to cover your daily costs. In attempting to stimulate interest, it can be effective to launch an email marketing campaign to promote the launch of a new website or product line. By providing email recipients with a special code or access to an exclusive promotion, you can potentially catch their interest and generate some orders.

But while an email marketing campaign sounds appealing in practice, the fact of the matter is that you will generate zero results if only a tiny audience will actually receive your emails. Just getting people to read your subject line will be challenging, and that is before anybody opens them or even decides to follow your promotional instructions.


Connect with a Suitable Target Audience

Email list audienceWithin direct marketing, there are digital professionals commonly known as list brokers. These individuals specialize in performing email research on your behalf to create a mailing list that you will rent from them. Renting a mailing list is perfectly ethical in the marketing industry, but you should absolutely avoid buying a list outright. When it comes to finding your ideal partner, there three types of provider who can help (and a fourth to avoid):

  • List Brokers – A list broker is someone who will arrange for you to rent a mailing list from a third party. Their range of choices is much greater.
  • List Managers – These professionals are more directly involved. Compared to brokers, they have a more limited scope because they rent out their own lists.
  • List Compilers – This entails working personally with the people who create the mailing lists. Again, their scope is limited compared to brokers.
  • Manager/Broker – Ethics become an issue for professionals who combine these roles, as they can push their own lists. You are better off avoiding them.


Selecting the Best Source

Consult with Your Provider – Do not commit to a rental if your broker, manager, or compiler has not taken the time to discuss your business. They cannot possibly rent you any effective lists without understanding the characteristics of your brand.

Find Someone Working for You – Look at the mailing lists that are being recommended. Try to see whether there is any relevance to your product line. Do not rent the list if you cannot see any clear relevance.

Request a Large Pool of Options – You should never rent from a small selection. As an example, you should choose from a pool of 30 lists if you wish to rent 10.


A final point of note is that you should also work to build your own mailing list, but renting a list can work well if you need quick results. Just make sure to follow this advice.


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