How to Write a Newsletter for Your Business

 Writing doesn’t come naturally for many business owners. After all, you didn’t decide to go and work for a newspaper or magazine. You chose to start a business serving the marijuana industry. But being a business owner comes with a multitude of challenges.

Maintaining tight control of your costs is certainly one of the biggest challenges. This is why it helps to try to perform some marketing activities in-house rather than outsourcing everything. Learning how to write a newsletter can help you do this.

Plan Your Newsletter First

Do not just start writing – plan your newsletter first. You can quickly ramble yourself into a corner and wind up with 200 words of unusable content. Take some time and think about what you want to include in the newsletter and you will achieve superior results.

Start off by thinking about the topic or topics you wish to include. Whether you have single or multiple topics, you should make a bulleted list of the information that has to go into the newsletter. By understanding what you have to include from the outset, you can keep your newsletter clear, concise and effective.

Email newsletterCreate an Engaging Subject Line

Email inboxes are now overloaded with unappetizing spam that is destined for deletion. Your task is to rise above the spam emails by capturing attention through writing engaging subject lines. Of course, this is not without its challenges.

Think about the main message to draw from your finished newsletter. Now try to write some subject lines that convey this message in several words. Try not to make the subject too short or too long. Ideally, you can aim for six to eight words. Anything more than 10 is a little overwhelming. You need to find a balance in order to draw the attention of possible readers.

Ask a Second Person to Edit

You should never send out an email newsletter without proofreading. Even professional writers can make the odd mistake, and they often depend on another person to point them out. Neglect to have another person proofread your newsletter and embarrassing mistakes can easily be made.

Scheduled email marketingMaintain an Email Newsletter Schedule

Create a quick spreadsheet to record the name of your current newsletter, the date, and the topics covered. You might not be ready to plan the next six months in advance, but you can think of your next couple of newsletters now. Any current ideas that you do have will easily be forgotten if you do not make a note of them.

Arranging a few newsletters at once will help you to create a more cohesive schedule. You might realize during the process that you actually want to create shorter newsletters that focus on a single topic. Summarizing multiple topics might only dilute your message, but the point is that you will actually understand what you want to include if you plan in advance.

Find Time to Do Research

Do plenty of reading in your industry and you will find yourself coming up with great ideas for your newsletters. Avoid reading and you will struggle to come up with ideas, and the ones that you do come up with will not be as good as they could have been. Just try doing Google searches for news or else check out informative blogs related to the marijuana industry.