Email Content Creation

Words That Woo & Convert

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Content is the backbone of any email campaign. At Reefer Mail, we don’t just fill space with words. We ensure every word is positioned to captivate, inform, and persuade.

1. Content Calendar Creation (Starting at $99)

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Map Out Your Message for the Month

Success is found in the details and in planning.

  • Industry Specific: From cannabis holidays to key industry dates, we’ve got it covered.
  • Tailored to Your Brand: Reflects your marketing goals, brand voice, and audience needs.
  • Flexible: Adjusts to the changing tides of the industry and market demands.

2. Individual Email Content Creation ($99 per email)

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Crafting Stories That Sell

Every email isn’t just a message; it’s a story. A journey.

  • Engaging Openers: We grab attention from the first line.
  • Clear, Concise, Convincing: Words that aren’t just heard, but felt.
  • CTAs That Convert: Drive action with compelling call-to-actions.

The Reefer Mail Content Advantage

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  • Specialized Knowledge: Deep understanding of the cannabis industry and its audience.
  • Data-Informed Strategy: Content that’s not just compelling but also rooted in analytics.
  • Holistic Approach: Every piece of content is part of a larger brand narrative.

Why Settle for Words When You Can Have Narratives?

Behind every great email is a compelling narrative. Dive deep into the hearts and minds of your audience with content that resonates.

Our Process

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  1. Understand Your Brand: We start by understanding your ethos, offerings, and goals.
  2. Research & Insights: Unearthing data, trends, and insights specific to your target audience.
  3. Draft & Revise: Crafting the email content, followed by revisions for perfection.
  4. Integration with Design: Marrying content with design for a seamless experience.
  5. Feedback & Finalize: We’re not happy until you are.

Client Testimonials

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“Every email from Reefer Mail feels like a narrative. Our audience doesn’t just read; they connect.” – [Client Name, Company]

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Words Are Potent. Make Every One Count.

Craft emails that don’t just get opened but get remembered. Dive into Reefer Mail’s expert content creation today.

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