With Reefer Mail’s fully managed email marketing services solution, you’ll have a team of email marketing professionals ready to help you manage all aspects of your email marketing campaigns. Save your time, money and resources by hiring a professional team.

Our Managed Email Campaign Includes:

Dedicated Account Manager

Making it easy for you to manage your campaign.

Email Marketing Strategy

We will setup a email schedule that works best to get your message heard.

Custom Email Design

Engaging, custom email templates that matches your branding.

Custom Reporting

Our custom reports allow us to track, iterative and improve our efforts.

1. Get a Dedicated Account Manager

When you become a managed services client, you’ll be assigned a Dedicated Account Manager. This individual will be your sole point of content, and will learn every facet of your business, and will prepare an email marketing program designed specifically for your business and audience.

2. Let us know what you want to achieve from your emails

Your account manager will discuss your aims for your email marketing campaign with you to ensure we can put together a campaign that drives results. Do you want to let your audience know about your latest new product offering? Do you want to share your latest blog content to drive more traffic to your website? We can help you to formulate a bespoke campaign that helps you achieve your goals.

3. Decide on how often you want to email your audience

The final thing to determine is how often you want to email your audience, whether that’s weekly, bi-weekly or something else. Our email marketing specialists will advise on the best email frequency to achieve your specific goals.

4. Analyse and iterate

Once the email campaign is underway, we provide custom reporting that allows us to assess the effectiveness of your campaign, and to make any iterations as required to improve key metrics such as open rate and click-through rate.

It’s simple, really. We do the work for you. Get started below.

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