About Reefer Mail

Our Roots

In a market budding with opportunity yet shrouded in complexity, Reefer Mail was born from a seed of necessity. The legalization waves have not just greenlit cannabis businesses but also paved a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to marketing. Amidst a landscape where traditional marketing services hesitated, we saw an unfilled niche—an email marketing agency tailored exclusively for the cannabis industry.

Leveraging two decades of rich, hands-on experience in the cannabis sector, we stand today as an ensemble of both advocates and experts. At Reefer Mail, passion for cannabis and prowess in email marketing blend to deliver unparalleled service. We are a team that not only understands the highs of the industry but also the lows of regulatory bottlenecks.

Our Mission

Our aim? To roll out the green carpet for cannabis businesses navigating the digital marketing space. As the tendrils of the cannabis industry intertwine with the digital era, our mission at Reefer Mail is to position ourselves as the leading email marketing service provider—a partner that not only educates but empowers. We’re here to ensure your business isn’t just seen but remembered; not just heard, but understood.

Email Marketing Setup

Our Growth Formula

At Reefer Mail, our USP germinates from deep-seated industry knowledge and years of cultivating successful email marketing campaigns. Our expertise isn’t just a claim—it’s a legacy. We specialize in translating this legacy into growth for your business. With strategies that have been tried, tested, and perfected, our fully managed email campaigns are the fertile soil in which your marketing efforts can flourish.

Our Bouquet of Services

We’ve crafted a full spectrum of email marketing services, each designed to nurture a different aspect of your growth:

  • Managed Email Campaigns: From seedling strategy to blooming results, we handle it all.
  • Setup & Launch: A bespoke foundation for businesses taking the first step into email marketing.
  • New Customer Acquisitions: Tailored packages to welcome and engage newcomers to your brand.
  • Email Copywriting: Crafting messages that resonate, connect, and convert.
  • Consulting & Strategy: Navigating the marketing maze with seasoned expertise.
  • Automation: Intelligent solutions that keep your business growing, even while you sleep.
Email Marketing Strategy Consulting
Email Automation Flows

Our Budding Partners

We’re the growth partners for dispensaries, CBD pioneers, professional service providers, e-commerce platforms, and bold new brands in the cannabis space. Our success stories are as diverse as our clients, with a common thread of substantial revenue growth and return on investment.

Our Commitment

Reefer Mail is not just about email marketing; it’s about elevating your brand in an industry that’s reaching new heights every day. With us, you’re not just growing your business; you’re pioneering the future of cannabis culture.

Connect, Cultivate, and Grow with Reefer Mail. Let’s Harvest Success Together.

New Customer Package

Happy Customers

Reefer Mail has boosted our ecommerce revenue by 32% since they started managing our email campaigns and automation. The ROI is so much higher than our other marketing efforts.

Ben Walker, Yo Dabba Dabba

It’s nice to have someone taking care of all our marketing efforts so we can work on other aspects of the business. Our open and click rates for our email newsletters have gone up drastically since starting with Reefer Mail.

Anna Meyer, Dispensary Manager