HTML Email Best Practices

An HTML email will let you combine images, colors, and text for superior visual to text-based emails. Visual impact is an obvious benefit of HTML emails, but a more important one is that plain text emails cannot be tracked for an open rate. Therefore, you will have a limited ability to determine the success rate of your campaign.


Launching Your First Email Campaign

There’s no need to worry about your first email campaign. Email marketing is now more accessible than ever thanks to the various platforms and tools at your disposal. But before rushing to click the send button, you need to check out our expert advice for masterminding your first email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Any business can launch an email marketing campaign, but success will be limited to those that master the basics. You cannot avoid these email marketing best practices if you want your campaigns to deliver results.

How to Write a Newsletter For Your Business

Writing doesn’t come naturally for many business owners. After all, you didn’t decide to go and work for a newspaper or magazine. You chose to start a business serving the marijuana industry. But being a business owner comes with a multitude of challenges.

using email marketing to gain customers

How To Use Email Marketing To Gain More Customers

Are you doing email marketing campaigns for your marijuana business, and it’s not generating the conversions you need? If yes, what can you do to turn these leads into your customers and hopefully repeat clients?

Beginners’ Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing has been and will continue to be one of the most popular and effective marketing tools online. The reason for that is simple, it works!

Although email marketing looks quite simple, it can be a tricky strategy, especially if you are doing it for the first time. That is why we have created a handy guide to get you started.

Email Marketing Marijuana Dispensaries

How to Use Email Marketing for you Marijuana Dispensary

Email marketing is a marketing tactic which is commonly overlooked by marijuana dispensaries. In this guide, we explore what you need to do to leverage email marketing to increase brand awareness and build lasting customer relationships.


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