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In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, effectively reaching your audience is more than a goal—it’s a necessity. With our Managed Email Campaigns, rooted in two decades of digital marketing expertise, we’ve curated an end-to-end journey tailored for the cannabis sector. From initial diagnostics to continued insights, our service ensures every ‘send’ becomes a connection, every email a relationship.

From an initial audit to strategic planning, content creation, and performance analysis, we handle every facet to ensure your campaigns resonate with your target audience.

Managed Marketing Service Flow Chart


Campaign Strategy Consultation

We’ll collaborate to understand your business goals, craft a robust approach, and lay the foundation for successful campaigns.


Email Audit

We’ll thoroughly review your current email practices to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.


Email Setup

Establishing the right tools and configurations is crucial. We’ll ensure your platform is ready to handle your campaigns.


Deliverability Optimization

Our priority is to make sure your emails land in the inboxes of your subscribers, not their spam folders.


List Segmentation

By organizing your subscribers, we can create personalized and more effective campaigns tailored to individual preferences and behaviors.


Email Copywriting

Our team will draft compelling messages that resonate with your audience, ensuring they’re both engaging and aligned with your brand.


Autoresponder/Flow Setup

We’ll set up automated email flows, ensuring timely and relevant communication based on user behaviors and actions.


Email Design

Using the content we’ve crafted and the templates we’ve designed, we’ll create visually appealing emails ready for deployment.


A/B Testing and Message Optimization

By testing different versions of your emails, we’ll refine them for optimal performance, ensuring the best possible engagement.


Analytics & Reporting

We’ll provide detailed analytics on the performance of your campaigns, offering insights on what’s working and where improvements can be made.


Refine & Optimization

Now that the emails are flowing we can take a look back and what’s working well and what needs to be improved. Let’s look again at the strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Managed Email Campaign service provides an end-to-end email marketing solution for businesses in the cannabis sector. From an initial audit to strategic planning, content creation, and performance analysis, we handle every facet to ensure your campaigns resonate with your target audience.
While our experts bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, your insights into your business, goals, and audience are invaluable. Your active participation ensures the strategy aligns perfectly with your brand and objectives.
Absolutely! Our Email Template Design service focuses on crafting emails that not only look great but also resonate with your brand’s visual identity and ethos.
We analyze your subscriber list and categorize them based on various criteria like purchase history, engagement level, preferences, etc. This allows us to send targeted messages that cater to specific audience segments, improving engagement rates.
We’re flexible! If you’re satisfied with your current ESP, we’ll work within that framework. If not, our Email Setup service can help you transition to a platform that’s more suited to your needs.
Success is tracked through our Analytics & Reporting service. We monitor various metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more. This data-driven approach ensures continuous optimization of your campaigns.
Our service is tailored for the cannabis industry. With deep insights into the sector’s challenges and opportunities, we don’t just Aim High; we ensure you Deliver Higher. Our comprehensive service, combined with industry expertise, makes us a preferred choice for many cannabis businesses.
We believe in flexibility and aligning with your business needs. While we do offer long-term partnerships for continued optimization, we also provide options without lengthy commitments. Let’s discuss what’s best for your brand!
Yes, our Managed Email Campaign service is designed to be seamlessly integrated with our other offerings. Whether you’re looking for content creation, design services, or strategy consultations, everything can be aligned for a cohesive email marketing strategy.

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“The Reefer Mail team is exceptional. They revolutionized our email strategy, translating in more sales and engagement. Their expertise is unmatched.”

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