How to Leverage Email Marketing for Your Marijuana Dispensary

Email marketing is the lifeline for marijuana dispensaries to survive in this competitive cannabis industry. Unfortunately, most brands are struggling to get good results from their email marketing campaigns.

What if most of your clients or leads replied to your emails? What if they opened and read your messages and then responded to your CTAs? In this post, we find simple ways to leverage email marketing to get some pretty darn impressive results.

Let’s delve in and explore.

Build A List

Before you can start an email marketing campaign, you need to build a list of subscribers. Take time to think about what your audience would like to read from your emails and then use this to build your list.

There are several ways to develop your list of subscribers. For example, you can generate leads from your website by using a gift or special offer to lure website visitors into subscribing. You can also use a sign-up box on the pages of your website or use social media to ask your followers to subscribe.

Improve Email Deliverability

An undelivered email is a lost opportunity. Once a lead signs up, request them to whitelist your email address. This way, their ISP flags your email as credible, and your subsequent messages will have a much higher chance of reaching their inbox, rather than the spam folder.

Know Your Audience and Their Goals

Who are you sending your email to? What kind of content do they want to receive? Are they interested in exclusive offers, news, blog posts, or business updates?

Understanding your audience and their needs will help you define the aim of your marketing campaign and align it with your marketing strategy. Also, understanding the purpose of your campaign makes it easier to measure your progress along the way.

Segment Your Audience

Once you have researched your audience and know what they want to receive, it’s time to divide them into specific groups. Not all your subscribers will want to hear the same thing. Segmenting them into groups allows you to customize emails so they’re highly relevant to the recipient, regardless of the stage they are at in the customer buying cycle.

When your subscribers receive customized emails, they are less likely to unsubscribe, and more likely to respond.

Be Personal

Personalize your emails for every individual subscriber. Write as if you are addressing them personally. Use their first name and speak directly to them, just like you would do if you were talking to them face-to-face. When signing off, use your personal name rather than your corporate name. This makes the email look like it came from a person.

You can even go as far as using the customer’s past purchase data while drafting the email so that it becomes more engaging to them. Sending emails that relate to your subscriber’s interests goes a long way in motivating them to open the email and interact with your content.

Write Valuable Content

Craft enticing subject lines for your emails. This is the first point of interaction; miss the chance to capture their attention, and all your effort will go down the drain.

Any content you put in your email newsletter should offer value to your readers. Ask yourself why your audience should open your email. How will your newsletter improve their life?

Ensure that your content is entertaining, informative, inspiring, useful, helpful or educational, and it should convince the user to take action.

And speaking of convincing readers to take action…

Always Include a CTA

One of the biggest mistakes marijuana brands make is not having a clearly defined call to action (CTA). If a reader looks at your email and they can’t determine what they are expected to do within five seconds, chances are they will delete your email.

Whether the action is to purchase some marijuana product, sign up for a trial, or fill out a form, be aware of what the primary aim of the email is and what you want your audience to do. Then, add a clear call to action to direct users to a product page or other landing page.

Optimize for Mobile

Most cannabis customers will be reading your emails from a mobile device. You therefore need to optimize your emails for mobile.

All your emails should be mobile-friendly. They should have a responsive design, and the content should be easy to read and engaging. Ensure that your content fits all screen sizes.

Make It Easy to Unsubscribe

Ensure that your subscribers are free to manage their subscriptions by including ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘manage your subscriptions’ button at the bottom of all your emails.  Give your subscribers the freedom to choose how often they want to hear from you, and their email preferences.

When subscribers find it difficult to unsubscribe, they develop a negative feeling towards your brand. Worse still, they could mark your email as junk or spam.


These are just a handful of tips to get you started.  There are a bunch of other tips you can use such as integrating emojis, turning to effective A/B testing to improve open rates, tracking behavior with robust analytics and using optimized timing to send emails to drive revenue.  Above all, be consistent and make sure your messages focus on what your audience would like to hear.

Over to you – what email marketing tips have you been using in your cannabis business? Share your views in the comment section below.