Are you launching a new product? Email marketing has been proven to be the best way to generate sales for businesses in the marijuana sector and other industries. Statistics indicate that people prefer to receive marketing information through email.

However, if you want to see results from your email marketing campaign, you have to do it right. You need to formulate a strategy and then follow it to build hype around your products before they launch. This post will show you how you can use email to get your subscribers excited about your new product launch and increase your sales.

Let’s jump in and explore.

Share helpful content before you launch

Take time to explain to your subscribers the solution that your cannabis product provides. Sharing his information has three major benefits:

  • It increases email engagement
  • Helps you in list segmentation
  • It can lower unsubscribe rates

a)   Increases email engagement

Emails that offer free information tend to be more popular than their promotional counterparts. People generally prefer free information to being sold to. They are therefore more likely to engage with your free emails by opening them and clicking through than they do with promotional ones.

Another plus to sending free emails is that, unlike promotional emails which are delivered to the promotions tab, free emails go straight to your subscriber’s inbox.

So how do you make use of this information?

Simple, before you send a promotional email, send three or four emails packed with free valuable information. Also, use these free emails to inform your subscribers about the upcoming promotional email.

b)   Helps with list segmentation

When you send out several educational emails before you send a promotional one, you get a chance to gauge the subscriber’s interest in your products through their responses. You can then separate those who are interested to those who are not.

When you keep sending promotional emails to people who are not interested in them, they might unsubscribe from your list. Segmentation helps you avoid this by allowing you to send targeted messages.

c) Reduces unsubscribe rates

You can go a step further and ask people to subscribe afresh for promotional emails. This means that in case they unsubscribe, they will unsubscribe from the promotional email list instead of your entire list. This way, they can still receive your newsletters and information regarding future launches.

Ask people to join a special list

Being more direct can help you segment your list and prelaunch.  You don’t necessarily have to use lead magnets or create fresh content to do this.

Instead, you just send an email informing your subscribers of an upcoming cannabis product, give a short description of the product and the solution it offers, then ask those who are interested to sign up. You can give your subscribers the option to sign by giving their details on a landing page, or you can send them a trigger link that automatically adds their details to the new list.

Once they subscribe to your promotional list, you should send them an email detailing what they should expect. Remember to send three or four educational emails before the promotional one, even when you are using this list.

This method not only increases your click-through rates and lowers unsubscribe rates, but it also increases the trust your subscribers have in you.

Send follow up emails all through

Three to four emails every time you launch a marijuana product can seem like a lot of work, but it is not enough.

You have to keep reminding people about the launch even on and after the day of the launch. In fact, you should send reminder emails on the day of the launch, and two or three emails on the day your offer ends to remind your subscribers that time is running out.

Why is this necessary? Your subscribers’ inboxes are awash with other emails. There is a high chance that they will miss out on your emails. But when you send a couple of reminders, you will increase the likelihood that more people will know about your launch.

Share your funnel with influencers

Another way to create hype for your products before they launch is to team up with cannabis influencers who have many email subscribers. To make the influencers more enthusiastic about partnering with you, you can come up with an affiliate program where they receive a percentage of sales generated.

You can allow the influencers access to the same landing pages, content and emails you use for your sales funnel, but you should modify the copy so that it is more appropriate for their subscribers.

After you get the results from an influencer, you can make your calculations to see the amount of revenue they generated from each subscriber. This makes it much easier to pitch to other marijuana influencers since they will be in a position to assess whether there is a strong financial incentive to launch your product on their email list.

This method also helps you grow your subscriber list and increases the number of people you can reach in the future.

Final Word

These four techniques will help you get more people to buy from you once your product launches. The process should last about a week or two before the launch of your marijuana product. Keep tracking your engagement and launch your product as soon as the engagement peaks.

After the launch, send out question and answer emails, and case studies to find out why some bought and others didn’t, and whether the product has been of help. You should also send out more reminders especially on the day when your special offer closes to increase the chances of more people making the purchase.

How have you been building hype around your product launches? Feel free to share your experience or thoughts in the comment section below.

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